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Lisa Ann Bacon
artist lisa_ann_bacon

Welcome to the world of Lisa! Where everything is just that little bit more surreal and colourful.

Lisa graduated in 2005 from Southampton Solent University, and has been working on her illustrations ever since. Always the perfectionist, she is always looking at ways to improve, and to create even more interesting concepts.

Mainly working with Fine liners, water colour and gouache paint, Lisa also works digitally, to enhance her work, and to make it more accessible. 

She is currently writing and illustrating her own children's story, entitled 'The adventures of Mini Margot'. She has also exhibited her work in Southampton, Bristol and Bedfordshire.

Please enjoy Lisa's art below and get in touch if you would like her to be involved in your project.



Created using finer liners, water colour paint and editing in Photoshop. I was doodling away with this little lady, and her hair went all wild, so I decided I could make her a mermaid, and it worked. I created the textures on Photoshop, and am very pleased with the outcome.

artist lisa ann bacon
artist lisa ann bacon

"Princess and the Pea"

Fairytale image for the story of the Princess in the Pea. Created using Finer liners, water colours and Gouache paint. The Princess and the Pea, is one of my favorite fairytales, so I decided to set myself the task of creating an image that would straight away have the viewer identifying with the story.

"Puppet girl"

ongoing project with the eventual outcome to be a sort of active puppet show - hoping to develop in flash. Created using finer liners and watercolour paint. This little character simply rolled of the pen for me, which is why I am so fond of her. 

artist lisa ann bacon
artist lisa ann bacon

"At The Train Station"

Image created to go along with Russian Fairytale a story I am in the middle of writing and illustrating. Created using Fine liners and water colour paint. 

"Bow Ties"

More a background design to put work over, either for a card or presentation book. I wanted to do something that had a masculine element to it, as it can be quite tricky to make cards directed towards men that are quirky. This image was created using fine liners, pro-markers and photoshop.


"Russian Fairytale"

First installment of a story I am writing. created with finer liners and water colour paint. I started off slowly with this one, but like a good book or a film, with time you find yourself completely immersed in it. I felt like I had my very own little adventure creating this piece.


Created using finer liners and watercolour. Sort of an experiment, that turned into a bit of a fave. I wanted to experiment drawing animals, in a setting. Although, this is sort of a montage, as the animals are not in scale, I was pleased with the overall outcome.


"Town at Night"

Created using pen and water colour paint. One of my favorite things to draw and paint are funny little buildings, and this was one of those pictures that I felt created an atmosphere and a sort of community feeling.

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